LeadDyno is One of Few Chosen for Stripe’s New App Marketplace

stripe app marketplace

SureSwift’s portfolio company LeadDyno is quickly becoming an industry leader in affiliate management across industries. It was one of the few apps chosen to join Stripe’s new App Marketplace. This is a huge opportunity for LeadDyno’s customers as – the Stripe financial payment platform is used by millions of companies, ranging from enterprise companies to startups. Stripe’s marketplace allows all these companies to connect directly with LeadDyno and access all its powerful features directly from the Stripe dashboard.

We acquired LeadDyno, an affiliate marketing software company, in November 2021 and couldn’t be more excited about this new Stripe partnership.

In the Stripe App Marketplace, customers can install their favorite apps from the marketplace and run their business within the interface without ever leaving Stripe. For example, a customer could use the Postmark app to send emails directly from Stripe, then go to the LeadDyno integration to view commissions due.

The new interface makes managing and tracking multiple platforms a breeze for companies, simplifying workflows and offering a complete view of your affiliate program and payouts.

Join us in congratulating LeadDyno on its partnership with Stripe’s App Marketplace!

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