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We acquire, manage, and foster the growth of established SaaS companies, offering investors a share of monthly profits through our unique business model.

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How it works

Our approach is simple: we acquire established, cash positive bootstrapped SaaS businesses at a great price, then use our Exceptional Operator Framework to drive growth for both the business and investors.

SureSwift Capital provides investors access to strong and consistent returns with monthly distributions of cash flow after fees. This model isn’t VC and it isn’t speculative investment. Our success comes from our team of experienced operators who prioritize consistent growth, profitability, transparency, and collaboration.

Why invest?

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Acquired 40+ companies

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Deployed Capital
$39 million

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Investor Distributions
$16 million

Our advantage

  • SureSwift acquires bootstrapped SaaS applications (BSAs). BSAs that have consistent, non-concentrated revenue with attractive operating margins (50%+/-) and low profit multiples (3-5x TTM profit).
  • Over 7 years and 50+ acquisitions, we have developed our operational excellence framework; systemized playbooks on how to efficiently operate and grow BSAs.
  • Our “buy and hold” approach allows us to make business decisions and investments for long-term growth and profitability. SureSwift companies grow consistently post-acquisition.
  • SureSwift has achieved a scale to bring large company resources to BSAs who have limited resources pre-acquisition.
  • Through close relationships with brokers and a growing reputation in the bootstrapped SaaS world, SureSwift is able to find the best opportunities.
James DeGreef, CEO of SureSwift Capital

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