Who We Are

SureSwift creates optimal outcomes for founders of bootstrapped SaaS businesses. We relate to founders at this crucial stage in their company’s journey. SureSwift is a holding company that actively invests in, and holds on to emerging media and SaaS properties with the intent to provide exceptional value to existing and future clients. We are a team of 75+ remote individuals in 14 times zones, with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

SureSwift’s uniquely entrepreneurial approach has helped the company acquire – and grow – 31 businesses in just 3 years.

What We Do Best


We get entrepreneurial founders – we’re entrepreneurs who have built and exited companies ourselves.



We cut frustration and confusion from the purchase process, and build in trust and teamwork.


Our portfolio companies grow under our care, with teams like our Founders Squad to nurture them.

What Founders Say

“I liked how SureSwift said they wanted to keep and grow our business. They wanted an ongoing relationship with us as founders.”

Brock Ferguson

Brock Ferguson, Founder

“For us, it was all the people. We wanted to surround ourselves with smart, forward-thinking people.”

Dale Mugford

Dale Mugford, Founder

“I really wanted to get the feeling that the person I sold to would be as committed to growing my company as I was. It’s an emotional thing.”

Moritz Dausinger

Moritz Dausinger, Founder

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