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SureSwift is proud to be a calm, people-first company. We have a remote-first philosophy so you can enjoy better work-life balance, flexible hours and no commute.

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We believe in

  • We believe in results over face time. Running a startup is hard. Growing more than 30 is extremely hard. Doing it all remotely means our team members must be proactive, self-starting, and great communicators.
  • Our team loves the remote-first culture and believes in life outside of work. No commuting, no set office hours, and no unnecessary meetings mean everyone gets more time and a lot of control back in their lives.
  • We’re committed to fostering an environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion across our global team. Time zones and miles might separate us, but our values unite us. SureSwift Capital always has and always will be an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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Our core values

  • Data Driven. We utilize data to make informed, accurate, and impactful decisions. We use data to set clear goals and make informed, calculated decisions to drive meaningful and measurable results. We diligently collect, analyze, and interpret data to gain a deeper understanding for marketing, product, and business decision making.
  • Integrity & Accountability. We are reliable, consistent, and our words match our actions. We proactively communicate progress and challenges with one another. If we make a mistake we own it. We view mistakes as learning opportunities and openly share learnings with others. We recognize that being accountable for our actions earns trust with others.
  • Customer Centric. We focus on our customers by building high value products and provide exceptional and proactive customer service and support. Our customers are everywhere - investors, founders, team members, and product users. Knowing who our customers are, understanding their needs and priorities, and meeting their expectations, ensures we provide value at all levels of our organization.
  • Win Together. We collaborate, proactively share information, and prioritize winning together. Built into the fabric of our culture and being is a spirit of collaboration. We believe winning together prioritizes our high performance team orientation, and belief of team and others as high (or higher) than one’s own individual good. By cultivating a high performing team, we recognize that if our team wins, we all win together.
  • Stretch. We embrace and welcome change, risk, and growth as a part of modern-day business. Stretch means we’re ready to take on new challenges, marked and ready to respond to change, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges as a team. We value teams that stretch and embrace risk and change as an opportunity to learn and continually grow.
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