Our Values

We’re proud to be Exceptional Operators of the SaaS businesses in our portfolio, and we all share key values.

During the summer of 2023, SureSwift Capital held a Corporate Leadership Summit in Victoria BC, where the team focused on foundational, firm-level strategy, with a particular focus on mission and core values.

We recognized that the current core values, while helpful in getting us to where we were, weren’t intentional enough to drive our renewed focus on being and becoming Exceptional Operators of our SaaS businesses. We needed change and enhancements to our core values that were aligned with our mission and aspirational enough to inspire us toward the company we wanted to become.

Our CEO has witnessed how the proper alignment of core values can unite and motivate teams to achieve high performance. Because of this, we have full buy-in from senior leadership regarding the power of thoughtfully developed and well-integrated core values.

Our corporate leadership team and portfolio business leaders iterated, mused, analyzed, debated, and did the hard work of redefining our new core values that we believe will drive us to the next level of success.

These core values are group-wide, so in corporate, in our businesses, our various functional teams – everyone in SureSwift Capital is guided by these new core values to win together.

In 2024, we are integrating these core values into every aspect of our operations, from conducting thorough due diligence on new SaaS acquisitions and teams, to updating hiring criteria, enhancing performance management, recognizing achievements, and ultimately shaping the strategy and execution across our B2B SaaS ventures.

We are excited to share these five SureSwift-wide core values with you. We are committed to upholding these values and hope you will hold us accountable for them as well.

Integrity & Accountability:

We are reliable, consistent, and our words match our actions.

We proactively communicate progress and challenges with one another. If we make a mistake we own it. We view mistakes as learning opportunities and openly share learnings with others. We recognize that being accountable for our actions earns trust with others.

Data Driven:

We utilize data to make informed, accurate, and impactful decisions.

We use data to set clear goals and make informed, calculated decisions to drive meaningful and measurable results. We diligently collect, analyze, and interpret data to gain a deeper understanding for marketing, product, and business decision making.

Customer Centric:

We focus on our customers by building high value products and provide exceptional and proactive customer service and support.

Our customers are everywhere - investors, founders, team members, and product users. Knowing who our customers are, understanding their needs and priorities, and meeting their expectations, ensures we provide value at all levels of our organization. 

Win Together:

We collaborate, proactively share information, and prioritize winning together.

Built into the fabric of our culture and being is a spirit of collaboration. We believe winning together prioritizes our high performance team orientation, and belief of team and others as high (or higher) than one’s own individual good. By cultivating a high performing team, we recognize that if our team wins, we all win together. 


We embrace and welcome change, risk, and growth as a part of modern-day business.

Stretch means we’re ready to take on new challenges, marked and ready to respond to change, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges as a team. We value teams that stretch and embrace risk and change as an opportunity to learn and continually grow. 

If those values resonate with you, you might be a great fit for our team of Exceptional Operators! Check out our Careers Page to see open opportunities within all of our portfolio businesses.

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