Ricardo is a Principal Software Engineer at SureSwift. Right now, he’s working on a new project that will impact development teams across our portfolio. 🌊


Ricardo works in São Paulo, Brazil, where he was born. He spent years traveling the world and living in different places before settling back in his hometown.

Ricardo is a remote software engineer at SureSwift Capital

The daily details

Ricardo’s days look a little different right now as he works on building our Platform and Code Health Team. This team’s goal is to research, implement, and advocate for best practices in development teams across our portfolio of products. He also spends time hiring, reviewing code quality, and making sure products are stable and ready for growth. (He’s kind of like a personal trainer for code. 💪)

Be agile.

One of our core values is ‘Be agile.’ Ricardo embraces change and challenge every day, and he’s not just doing it for himself — his current focus is improving development cycles and developer experience across the portfolio. He says his goal is to “help devs not worry about how to get things done, and just get things done”.

Why he loves working at SureSwift

As a remote software engineer at SureSwift, Ricardo says he loves the change and challenge of working across a portfolio of products.

Ricardo thrives on the pace and variety of his position. He loves tackling new challenges with his team, and says that because of SureSwift’s unique business model, he gets to play around with all different sorts of stacks and technologies. To sum it up, Ricardo loves working at SureSwift because, “There’s something new every day. I really enjoy being challenged instead of doing the same thing over and over.”

Where you’ll find him after hours

Outside of his role at SureSwift, Ricardo is trying to get back into traveling and trying out new restaurants around São Paulo. During the pandemic, he had to put these hobbies on hold for a while, but he recently made it to Dubai, joined us in Mexico City for our first in-person Founder Summit, and is looking forward to many more trips to come!

P.S. — Ricardo’s team is hiring

Even with plenty of other projects going on, Ricardo says hiring and onboarding new team members is one of his favorite parts of the job. A tip if you’re thinking of joining the SureSwift team? Ricardo loves when candidates take the time to ask questions about the people and the culture, and share real experiences rather than textbook answers. And that doesn’t mean it has to be a perfect story — Ricardo says the important thing is hearing how devs approach challenges and the process they use to get to a solution.

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