SureSwift Acquires Wingman, Options Trading Automation Software

SureSwift Capital acquires Wingman, an options automation SaaS business

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Wingman, a very promising Fintech startup in the options and futures trading niche. Founded by Ben Latz and Piyush Puri, the app enables people who trade frequently to improve their performance tracking without maintaining custom spreadsheets.

This is exactly the kind of acquisition story SureSwift was built on. Ben and Piyush founded Wingman in 2017, shortly before graduating from Carnegie Mellon. (Yup, they’re 25 and already sold their first software business.) Within a year, Ben joined The TIE as a Co-Founder, which helps enterprises monitor the rapidly changing and global cryptocurrency market. And over the same time, Piyush has excelled in an enterprise software sales career.

In 2020 it was clear to Ben and Piyush that their paths outside of Wingman had bigger potential upsides and deserved their full attention, so they started looking for a new owner to take the helm at Wingman.

With SureSwift’s recent acquisition of Tradervue, which operates in a similar trade journaling space, we were a great fit to take over the product, and we moved through a fast close and a seamless transition.

As part of our portfolio, Wingman’s customers can expect a focus on amazing user experience and we’ve got the right team in place. John Lien will oversee the product roadmap and comes from a background in tech as well as derivatives trading at Barclays Capital. John Pitchko has a long history in the Calgary tech and innovation scene and has joined the SureSwift team as the lead software engineer. Richard Dalder and Steven Nash will share their product knowledge to ensure customer success.

Congrats to Ben and Piyush on what we’re sure is going to be just the first in a long line of business successes.

To learn more about Wingman, and Ben, check out our interview with him. And for Wingman customers, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on your normal support channels!

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