SureSwift Adds to Shopify App Portfolio with GrowthHero Acquisition

SureSwift acquires GrowthHero, a Shopify app

It’s no secret that SureSwift loves Shopify. Our portfolio in this vertical includes Back in Stock, Storemapper, Plug in Useful, Cross Sell, and now GrowthHero. We’re thrilled to bring this popular, highly rated affiliate marketing app into our family of apps.

One of the things we look for when we acquire any business is Founder fit — and we found that with GrowthHero Founder, Mike Janeczek. Mike is a bootstrapped technical Founder who launched GrowthHero in 2019 and grew it to the point of a successful exit in just two short years.

We loved his data-driven and deeply researched approach to launching and growing a product. His metrics were super clear, he had been tracking things from the very beginning, and he had a data point for any question we asked about the product. As a professional developer, his code was well written and well documented, and that makes for an easier transition when we’re taking over from a Founder.

As part of our portfolio, GrowthHero’s Shopify store owners can expect a focus on amazing customer experience and we’ve got the right team in place to deliver it.

Ricardo Hinds oversees our Shopify portfolio as our General Manager. Ricardo leads teams of developers, marketers, SEO specialists, and customer support to build and support features that drive revenue and reputation growth for SaaS products. He has the developer and marketing skills to step into their shoes, and he always pushes for excellence.

Isabelle Rucho will lead our product roadmap as Product Manager. Isabelle’s background is in both product management and growth marketing and she led the Global Partnerships & Sponsorships Department at PokerStars for several years before joining SureSwift, where she was previously the Growth Product Manager for Mailparser. Isabelle is extremely customer focused, and is already diving into the needs of GrowthHero’s eCommerce store owners.

Szymon Tloczkowski and Karolina Sieminska were originally hired by Mike, and have now joined the SureSwift team. Together they’ll continue to deliver 5-star support as our Customer Happiness Specialists. Szymon will be putting his Computer Science studies to use on our more technical customer requests, while Karolina will be focused on onboarding and customer success.

We have also hired two Senior Software Engineers, Romil Methta and Vinoth Kumar, both with experience and strong backgrounds in Shopify and SaaS products to replace Mike’s developer skill set and continue to maintain and improve the app.

Congrats to Mike on what we think is going to be the first of many announcements like this one! We can’t wait to see what he builds next.

To learn more about GrowthHero, and Mike, check out our interview. For GrowthHero customers, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on your normal support channels!

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