The SureSwift SaaS portfolio continues to grow with the latest addition of Ghost Inspector — a complete end-to-end testing solution that helps businesses catch bugs in their websites and web-based apps before they cause issues for customers. The best part? It doesn’t require writing a single line of code.

Founded by Justin Klemm in 2014, Ghost Inspector has grown to an extensive and formidable product with a strong customer base. Justin recognized that while many teams have a need to test web forms and apps, most testing solutions on the market require a high-level of technical expertise. That limited the users to engineers, leaving QA team members, project and product managers and other less technical team members unable to assist with the website testing process unless it was done manually.

Ghost Inspector aimed to lower this technical hurdle so that companies could leverage more of their team to help with quality assurance. It’s a strong selling point for many companies, especially smaller ones, and coding libraries simply cannot offer it.

Taking a bootstrapped approach to building the business meant that Justin was able to build the product sustainably while offering an incredibly rich feature set at an affordable price. This has helped build a unique feature and pricing moat that has made it hard for other apps to break into Ghost Inspector’s market profitably.

With great customer reviews on both G-2 and Capterra, and an impressive list of customers, we see a bright future for this already strong business. Justin is transitioning out of the business, but has worked behind the scenes to help transition the team and product to SureSwift.

Congrats to Justin on his exit!

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