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Sell your online business fast without a broker. Here’s our standard process.


Inquiry from Seller / Broker with initial info.

Optional: NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is signed by both parties.


Initial screen for fit.

Send initial questions on income, team and technology.

3 business days


Provide answers to initial questions.
3 business days


Follow up with additional questions and propose a call with team.
3 business days


Read-only access shared for revenue analytics, Google analytics.

Buyer + Seller Virtual Meeting (Zoom with video and screen share).
Optional: Virtual Meeting for tech leads (depending on tech stack).


Prepares and submits LOI (Letter of Intent) for seller consideration.
LOI covers: sale price, support period terms, proposed closing date. 

5 business days



LOI gets finalized and signed by both parties.

5 business days


Sends to Seller proprietary “Business Turnover Guide.”
Initiates Due Diligence process:

  • Financial accounts review
  • Business processes and contracts review
  • In depth technology review
2-3 weeks


Prepares assets and accounts for transfers, documents processes.


Prepares Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) for Seller review.



APA gets finalized and signed by both parties.

Entire Process: 3-8 weeks (4-6 typical)

Closing (1-3 business days):

  • All funds go into escrow account (independent party).
  • Asset transfer initiated by seller.
  • Asset receipt confirmed by buyer.
  • Escrow agent releases funds to buyer.

Transition / Support Period Begins (3-6 months)

Questions about this process?

Frequently asked questions

What determines the timeline from initial conversation to closing date?

The timeline depends on how quickly the Seller provides answers to questions and data or access requested, as well as everyone’s availability for the virtual meeting or call.

How can I prepare for a sale?

Read our blog post on How to prepare for an exit and start organizing your business!

Has there been a deal where final amount wasn’t released to Seller?

Not once! SureSwift sets reasonable expectations with Sellers about the support period, which gets discussed before the APA is signed and the details are mutually agreed on.

What kind of information do you usually request to review?

We typically ask for access to a revenue analytics tool (ProfitWell, Baremetrics, ChartMogul), Google Analytics, and a P&L for last 12 months, last calendar, or last 2 years. The P&L data time frame depends on what time of the year the conversation happens and business growth rate.

Do I get full sale price on closing date?

Almost full price. There is usually a small hold back that remains in escrow during the transition/support period and gets released when the support period is over.

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