This reference-checking automation software helps HR leaders, recruiters, and staffing agencies save time, find better candidates, and increase employee retention rates.

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What we love about Vitay

With a defined and growing niche that connects to larger HR players via integrations, Vitay also solves a big enough problem to support a direct sales effort to high-volume employers like hospitals, government, enterprises and recruiters. And customers love it — once they start using it, they don’t go back to old, non-automated methods.

About the Founder

About the Founders

Poya Farighi leveraged his expertise and experience in HR to find the problem his business would solve. He wasn’t a tech Founder, but he was great at hiring and he used that skill to bring on developers to get his MVP out the door, and later to keep running and refining the product. When it came to marketing, he had experience in sales. So rather than throwing time and money at paid ads or other strategies, he leaned into a direct sales approach. By leaning into his strengths at every turn his business Vitay hit an eye-popping growth rate of 300% YoY.

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It was always the goal to exit at some point. And then there was just a moment where I was ready.

Poya Farighi
Founder of

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