Docparser is a SaaS that helps businesses extract important data from Word, PDF and image files and move it to Excel, Google Sheets and hundreds of other formats.

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What we love about Docparser

Docparser serves a niche business need and does it very well. Whether it’s an invoice, a purchase order, or another type of document, there’s often a need to get information out of that document and into a spreadsheet, database, or other system. Docparser gives businesses the ability to upload documents, set up simple parsing rules to say what data should go where and boom — data goes where they want it.

We saw huge growth potential within this market, and the ability to scale the software to serve enterprise clients and add additional integrations like parsing Word Documents.

About the Founder

About the Founders

Moritz was one of SureSwift’s earliest Founders. In 2016 he sold us Mailparser, which automatically extracts data from emails to automate repetitive business and admin tasks. Then in 2018 he sold us Docparser as well.

And those two acquisitions weren’t even his first. He’d previously co-founded and sold a SaaS ticketing startup to a Paris competitor. These days you’ll find Moritz working on a new startup, Refiner.

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I think starting with the right idea is important, but first-time entrepreneurs especially tend to put too much weight on it… it’s better to assume that you don’t know much about the market needs in the beginning of a project, but that you’ll become an expert over time.

Moritz Dausinger
Founder of

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