Cross Sell takes the popular “you might also like…” feature and puts Shopify merchants in the driver seat of curating which products to sell, to whom, when.

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Steve Jones

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What We Love
Cross Sell

Cross Sell has all the hallmarks of a product we love — B2B SaaS, loved by its customers, and more potential for growth.

The app had great reviews in the Shopify app store from the very beginning, but as “second Founders,” Ryan, Deven, and their partners went through a master list of things to prep the app for growth from rebuilding and redesigning it to improving support and updating the pricing.

With that solid foundation in place, we were thrilled to add Cross Sell to our Shopify app portfolio.

About the Founders

Ryan Kulp and his partner Justin Mares started looking at the Shopify app store for possible businesses to acquire in 2016, and Cross Sell hit all of their green lights. They kicked the deal over to their funding partner, Deven Soni, and they all agreed it was ‘the one,’ and they purchased it from original Founder, Steve Jones.

After putting in a lot of work to improve the product, they faced a decision of continuing with it for the long haul or letting someone else carry the torch.

I think there are a few ways to exit a company, right? There’s go public, or sell. There’s shut it down. And then there’s replace yourself.

And I think they could be done in that order, or the opposite order. So many people have tried to go directly to the biggest and the most obvious type of exit, but you kind of need to replace yourself before a good exit can happen

— Ryan Kulp