Back in Stock helps Shopify store owners capture lost sales by instantly notifying customers when products are back in stock.

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What We Love
Back in Stock

Not only did we think Back in Stock was a great product based on its customer loyalty, positive reviews, and other metrics, we had great Founder-fit with Matt Stubbs.

An added bonus was that he had already hired an amazing senior developer and customer support specialist who were interested in joining the SureSwift team. Since it was only our second Shopify acquisition, these team members were critical hires that were already in place.

About the Founder

Launched in 2011, Back in Stock all began when founder Matt Stubbs, realized that Shopify store owners lose a huge number of potential sales whenever a product goes out of stock. To solve this problem, he created Back in Stock to provide an easy-to-setup solution for store owners to provide notifications to customers when inventory was available again.

After running the product for 6 years, Matt was ready to de-risk and move on to other projects. Today in addition to running his own ventures, he’s also an active mentor in the Calm Company Fund Founder community.