I love getting the chance to chat with other Founders and entrepreneurs — whether over a beer at a Founder Summit event or on a podcast. It’s especially great when that conversation is with someone as smart and genuine as MicroAcquire Founder and CEO Andrew Gazdecki. We got the chance to cover a ton of topics, from the future of the SaaS business space and lessons learned from past acquisitions, to some of my favorite books (both of which were actually recommendations from this blog post!) and our disinterest in moving to Mars. 🚀

SaaS Acquisition Stories w/ Kevin McArdle – CEO of SureSwift Capital

I think the whole thing is worth a listen, but here are a few key takeaways for entrepreneurs:


You can connect with people about acquisition at any stage of your startup — just be honest about your goals. Whether you’re looking to sell today, or just want to start familiarizing yourself with the process, being real about where you are will get you the best and most relevant advice.


Even if you never plan to sell your business, life happens, and if you’ve never looked into acquisition, it can be easy to get stuck with a low number. Get yourself organized, have things in a “pile,” and even if you never end up selling, you’ve still probably made life a little easier for yourself. Andrew actually just did a guest post on this topic.


I talked with Andrew about my worry that not enough people in the tech space have seen big failure, and that too many people are going to try to step in and end up getting blindsided. Andrew pushed back a little bit, and I think he made a good point — we’re in a space where 90% of startups fail. Failure is a part of the business, a part of life for entrepreneurs. Andrew’s been through it, I’ve been through it, and now we’ve both made it to a place where we can focus a little more on bringing those lessons to other Founders. It’s a good place to be.

There’s a lot more in the full interview with Andrew on the MicroAcquire Resources blog. And, we got to turn the tables on Andrew this month and interview him on a webinar about SaaS acquisitions and marketplaces — you can check out a full replay of that below.


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