Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, parents, musicians, teachers, athletes, & artists around the globe, and although we’re a remote team, we embrace any chance we get to learn about our coworkers’ latest adventures/side gigs/celebrations (even if it’s through Zoom parties & Slack).

Today, we’re celebrating one of our amazing team members and SureSwift’s Product Engineering Manager, Erika.


Erika lives near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Knoxville, Tennessee, a prime spot for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or exploring Dollywood.

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The daily details

On a regular day, Erika supports SureSwift’s Engineering team, whether that’s onboarding new team members, making sure everyone on the team is in the right role, or removing blockers so the team can get things done.

She also works with our Product and Engineering teams to standardize and create scalable processes, as well as supports Product teams to ensure all engineering-related goals are met. Long story short, Erika’s a professional problem solver, and somehow does it all with a smile on her face.

Be cool. Be kind. Be easy to work with.

One of our core values is ‘Be Cool. Be Kind. Be Easy to Work With.’ If you get to collaborate with Erika, you’ll find out this is her to a T. She lights up any room (virtual, or otherwise) with her charismatic personality & infectious laugh — all while working across a portfolio of SaaS businesses. Now that’s no small task.

Why she loves working at SureSwift

“Our remote-first culture allows me to have the perfect work-life balance.”

Here’s what that looks like to me:

1. No commute!

2. Freedom to arrange my work schedule with my life schedule. I can go to a doctor’s appointment during the work day and not have to take PTO to do it. If an appointment goes over, I don’t have to stress about people missing me at the office and wondering where I am. If I decide I want to take my kid for a walk or to the park, I can do that during the work day, too and just work later that evening.

3. If I want to travel somewhere for a month, I can do it and not have to take PTO.

Where you’ll find her after hours

Erika’s multi-talented to say the least. When she’s not corralling the moving parts for multiple products with different business and technical needs, she loves hiking in the mountains, playing VR games, coding, learning, reading, and playing the viola.

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