One of the key reasons we’ve been able to grow so quickly over the past 5+ years? Our amazing remote team of more than 80 people around the globe.

Meet Dragos.

To us, Dragos is an Elixr wizard, idea generator, and problem solver. But he’s also a dad, martial arts trainer, tango danger, *and* a mountain lover ⛰️ (Brasov is his go-to place).


Dragos works as a remote software engineer at SureSwift Capital. His homebase is Bucharest, Romania.

Dragos’ homebase is Bucharest, Romania, where he serves as a bridge between our product management and dev teams. He’s an Elixr wizard, idea generator, and problem solver.

Core Values: Be Agile

‘Be Agile’ is definitely what comes to mind when I think of Dragos — he’s always offering ideas, opinions, and answers even when it’s not tech related. Because of how integrated he is with FeedbackPanda, I feel like I can ask him about pretty much anything and he will have an answer and be willing to help. – Haiden, Teammate

The Daily Details

On a day-to-day basis, Dragos works on several of the products in our portfolio, including FeedbackPanda, Storemapper, and Jell and puts out fires before they even start. He also maintains & develops features for FeedbackPanda. And at a larger scale, he ensures Product Management and Engineering are aligned (which is no small feat — ask any developer).


He’s been in the field for nearly 18 years, working with various programming languages like PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python and Go until he discovered Elixir (his self-proclaimed favorite).

Where you’ll find him after hours

When he’s not hustling on SureSwift stuff, you can find him at his martial arts dojo — where he practices & teaches Kyokushin karate multiple times per week — and spending quality time with his adorable daughter.

And with the time he’s got left in the day, he’s likely either tinkering with electronics or working on his side project: a tool for teams to be able to see their coworkers’ time zones. (Sign us up!)

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