Wingman enables people who trade frequently to improve their performance tracking without maintaining custom spreadsheets.

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Ben Latz and Piyush Puri

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What We Love

We’d acquired Tradervue in the trading vertical in 2020, so building out that vertical with a second adjacent product that was well designed, loved by customers, and filling a niche need was an easy choice. Wingman Co-Founder Ben Latz, who led the sale process, liked that we already had a team in place who would understand his customers and a General Manager who was an options trader himself.

About the Founder

Co-Founder Ben Latz caught the entrepreneurial bug early on, and the combination of his passion for finance, software, and business led him to starting Wingman with Piyush Puri shortly before they graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2017.

In late 2018, Ben also teamed up with a friend from high school to work on The TIE, a startup in the crypto currency data niche, where he’s currently a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer.

As often happens when a Founder is working on multiple businesses at the same time, Ben realized that The TIE had a much greater potential market and upside.


Wingman was sort of a success out of the gate, because our initial goals for it were pretty small. And I also knew that every time I had worked on a business, I learned something that helped me feel more confident doing the next thing.

— Ben Latz Co-founder of Wingman