Tradervue is online trade journaling software that enables individual traders and trading firms to analyze what worked and what didn’t to improve their performance.

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Tradervue was our first acquisition in the trading vertical. Over the course of 2020, growth in trading was supercharged — both in terms of active trading volume, and new trading accounts opened. In our view, the long-term trends will continue towards the self-reflection, journaling, and better use of data by traders that Tradervue offers.

About the Founder

After exiting an earlier startup he had founded, Greg Reinacker was ready for something new, and he started trading. After trying many trading styles, he soon found the hardest part of trading for him was not the numbers, but the emotional side.

He needed a way to efficiently keep his trading journal, and also objectively analyze his performance, and no tools existed that he found suitable. So, he started building one and Tradervue was born. Unlike his earlier venture-backed business, he kept Tradervue intentionally smaller and product-focused.

Obviously, a private company is a little different than a stock, but intuitively, it makes sense to me to sell into momentum, when things are going great.

— Greg Reinacker