Storemapper is a customizable store locator app that installs on any website in a matter of minutes.

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What We Love

We love B2B SaaS that solves a problem, and Storemapper does this simply and incredibly well. The product showed great growth, with potential for more, and Founder Tyler Tringas had established a team with a lead developer and a customer support specialist who were interested in joining the SureSwift team. The multi-platform approach with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, Squarespace, and other popular integrations was also a major win.

About the Founder

Storemapper Founder, Tyler Tringas was developing websites for clients and one request just kept coming up — they all wanted a map showing where their products or stores could be found. So in 2009 on a flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, he built the first version of Storemapper.

Over the next several years, Tyler shared his Founder journey on his blog — way before “build in public” was a thing.

Calm Company Fund

After selling Storemapper to SureSwift in 2017, Tyler went on to found the Calm Company Fund, which invests in early-stage, profitable businesses that want to maximize their chances of success and build for the long-term.

SureSwift is an investor and our Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin McArdle, is a mentor in the community. We also partner with Tyler and the Calm Company Fund on the Founder Summit — a remote community & annual in-person event for calm, low-ego Founders.