Simple Purchase Orders

Simple PO is a Shopify app that allows store owners who work with dropshipping and wholesale suppliers automate their purchase orders and inventory restocking.

Simple Purchase Orders

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Alex Dicketts

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United Kingdom


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What We Love About
Simple Purchase Orders

Shopify alone does a great job of connecting merchants and customers, but features to help merchants work with their suppliers are lacking. With the explosive growth of both Shopify and dropshipping over the last several years, connecting merchants and suppliers is a need we believe has a lot of future growth potential.

About the Founder

Founder Alex Dicketts started Simple PO as a side project in 2018, and it was his first foray into developing on the Shopify platform. Alex bootstrapped his way into a new-to-him API, leaned in during lockdown to grow his business along with the explosive e-commerce growth of 2020 and 2021, and recognized when it was time to book a win and sell. 

I wanted to prove that I hadn’t just created another job, that I’d created something somebody else thought was valuable as well.

— Alex Dicketts, Founder of Simple Purchase Orders

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