Paydirt is an online time tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers.

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Tristan Gamilis &

Nicholas Firth-McCoy

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What We Love

Paydirt was a solid SaaS in its niche, but Tristan and Nicholas were working on another product at the same time that was taking their full attention. The product was built, had customers, and didn’t need a lot in terms of ongoing maintenance, but it did need a marketing and support lift, which is an area that SureSwift excels in.

About the Founders

When Tristan Gamilis and Nicholas Firth-McCoy launched their SaaS startup, Paydirt, an online time-tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers, they were also running a website and app development company. Later, they added another SaaS usability startup to their already busy lives. Eventually they faced the question many entrepreneurs will: Which business ventures to dedicate their attention to? And what to do with the rest?

We’d expected that finding a buyer, doing due diligence, and handing over the day-to-day operations was going to be very difficult. If we’d known it would be as simple as it turned out to be, we probably would have started the process of selling Paydirt sooner than we did!

— Tristan Gamilis

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