MySiteAuditor is an SEO lead generation SaaS business that helps agencies make initial contact with potential clients via automated SEO reports.

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What We Love

MySiteAuditor has a special place in SureSwift’s history, because it was our very first SaaS acquisition. At the time we acquired it, owning an SEO tool felt like selling shovels during the gold rush. Everyone was trying to figure out this frustrating SEO game and there were a ton of agencies and freelancers helping clients solve the problem. MySiteAuditor helped those businesses connect with potential clients in a meaningful way, and really automated their lead generation by letting potential customers generate an SEO report for their website.

About the Founder

MySiteAuditor Founder, Marvin Russell realized soon after graduating from college that the 9-5 office grind wasn’t for him and he launched the Ocean Agency, which provided digital marketing services to big-name clients like CareerBuilder. The agency was acquired in 2014, and Marvin had already started working on MySiteAuditor as a side project.

My main goal was for SureSwift Capital to take care of my customers, which meant listening and taking care of the product. Overall, SureSwift Capital was 100% the right choice. I could not have picked a better buyer and we had many options. They respected my customers because they were humble, they listened, and they were open to our input and advice down the road.

— Marvin Russell