With dozens of integrations for Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, and more, LeadDyno is a powerhouse in the affiliate marketing space.

Founded By
Mike Machado,
Carson Gross, Brett Owens

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What We Love

Mike, Carson, and Brett bootstrapped and scaled LeadDyno for nearly a decade before selling, so they had built a very stable, well-engineered product with a large (and growing) number of customers, as well as a great team. With GrowthHero as an adjacent acquisition in the Shopify affiliate marketing space, this is a SaaS vertical we see a big future in as influencer marketing continues to gain traction for brands in and beyond e-commerce.

About the Founders

Founded in 2013, LeadDyno was initially built to scratch an itch Brett Owens and Carson Gross had for another startup — they needed an affiliate marketing app and they didn’t like anything on the market. The pair knew Mike Machado from some local Sacramento entrepreneur circles, and Mike and Carson wanted to work on a project together. That project would come to eclipse the other startups they were working on as they scaled both their tech and their team to become a leader in the space.