Jell is an online tool that enables collaboration and daily standups for technical teams, integrating with the platforms they already use, like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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As a remote team that needs to run asynchronous standups for technical teams ourselves, Jell really fit a sweet spot in the market that we understand well. We also saw growth potential with a large addressable market, and the product was a chance for us to enter the Slack app marketplace.

About the Founder

Jell Founder, Ade Olonoh, has had a nearly life-long passion for programming and entrepreneurship. He fell in love with programming in a QBasic class back in High School, and paid for his College degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics by writing Perl code. 

Shortly after graduating, he started not one, but two companies. And that’s just the early part of his bio. 

One of the first questions I’ve asked every founder I’ve invested in is, ‘Why are you raising money right now?’ Almost always, the longer founders wait to raise money, the better things are for them.

— Ade Olonoh

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