GrowthHero is an affiliate marketing SaaS with a focus on helping Shopify stores launch and run affiliate programs.

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Michał Janeczek

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What We Love

We’ve been buying SaaS that serves Shopify merchants since 2017 — so when an opportunity arises to continue building within that vertical, we jump on it because we already have an amazing Shopify-focused team in place. We didn’t have an app like GrowthHero targeting affiliate marketing in our portfolio yet, and we saw a great growth path ahead for the product with already stellar customer reviews.

About the Founder

GrowthHero Founder, Mike Janeczek, has a unique blend of development skills and business acumen. Rather than approaching a startup with the typical idea > build an MVP > find product/market fit, he flipped the approach and set out to look for product/market fit on the Shopify platform before writing a single-line of code.