This end-to-end testing solution helps businesses catch bugs in their websites and web-based apps before they cause issues for customers.

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Ghost Inspector

While many teams have a need to test web forms and apps, most testing solutions on the market require a high-level of technical expertise. That limited the users to engineers, leaving QA team members, project and product managers and other less technical team members unable to assist with the website testing process unless it was done manually. Ghost Inspector solves that problem by allowing non-technical team members to be involved in the testing process without writing a single line of code.

About the Founder

A software engineer with a lifelong passion for “tinkering”, Justin Klemm founded end-to-end testing solution Ghost Inspector in 2014. After eight years of impressive growth, he sold the business to SureSwift to refocus on the engineering he loves. Throughout his Founder journey, his creativity and self-awareness helped him make the right decisions at the right times, both for his business and himself.

I’m truly an engineer, builder, not a manager type. I like having all my fingers in it.

— Justin Klemm, Founder of Ghost Inspector