FeedbackPanda helps online ESL teachers create and share feedback templates and build reports to track their courses and students, saving them up to 2 hours every day.

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Danielle Simpson

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What We Love

Arvid and Dani had clearly built a vibrant, purpose-driven product that was focused on providing value and solving problems for its customers. In addition to their impressive growth, they had prepped the product well for a sale with tons of documentation and a simple, portable tech stack. 

About the Founder

Back in 2017 Danielle Simpson had an unlikely bio for a SaaS founder. She was an opera singer auditioning for roles and side hustling as an online ESL teacher. That side hustle quickly turned into the startup FeedbackPanda, when she realized how inefficient and time consuming it was to track course work and feedback for dozens of students.

In about a week, her boyfriend (and software engineer) Arvid Kahl built a prototype to help her create feedback templates she could reuse, and reports to track courses and students. They opened up the platform to other teachers, and let them share their templates with the whole community. In just a couple of years, they had a bootstrapped, $55k/month SaaS business.

This wasn’t a luxury product or something we’d need to convince people they could benefit from. It was actually going to make people’s lives better in such a significant way that once we knew how to solve the problem, it felt more like a duty we needed to fulfill.

— Danielle Simpson

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