Our focus at SureSwift is long-term growth for the SaaS properties we’ve acquired, so naturally, web development is a huge part of that. And tackling bugs and improving and maintaining a portfolio of SaaS companies is no small feat.

Today, we’re super excited to highlight one of the members of our engineering team. Meet Taufiq, a Senior Web Programmer for two of our apps, Storemapper and Plug in Useful.


Taufiq is based in Tangerang Selatan, a satellite city of the capital Jakarta, Indonesia. He describes his hometown as calm and peaceful, yet still close to the activity of the capital.

We hire remote Ruby on Rails developers like Taufiq, who lives in Indonesia

The daily details

On a day-to-day basis, Taufiq leads the charge on creating new features, handling bugs, and helping the support team on the technical side of things for the products he works on.

His favorite part of the role? When he hears from support that a customer loves a feature or product and finds it useful.

And while Taufiq makes it look easy, his role is far from it. When asked about the most challenging part of the job, he says it’s when he needs to do a deep-dive to understand the code of the product coming from an acquisition without the original developer.

Sometimes when we acquire a new product at SureSwift, we’re fortunate enough to bring on the team that the original Founder hired (and best case, a developer is on that team — Taufiq was actually a developer on Storemapper before we acquired it), but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Then it’s Taufiq’s and our other engineers’ job to fill in the gaps & learn the codebase.

Be accountable

With software development, there are always unexpected things that come up, but when Taufiq sets a goal for himself he makes it happen. Earlier this year, he made a promise to his Product Manager to wrap up a new widget for Storemapper by the end of June. It took some extended hours, and a ton of teamwork, but the new widget went into testing at the end of the month. ?

Where you’ll find him after hours

Taufiq is an innate problem solver and a solid team player. But more than that, he’s a dad to his adorable daughter and an overall great human. And with the free time he has left in the day, he loves to unwind with his favorite video games or by taking a jog.

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