Ricardo is our Director of Portfolio Revenue. Working with our product teams, he helps keep the SureSwift portfolio running and growing. 📈


Ricardo is based in Atlanta, GA, but he loves to move around and experience life in new cities — he’s hoping to fit in some month-long stays in the upcoming year.

Ricardo is the director of portfolio revenue for our global, remote team.

The daily details

Right now, Ricardo’s days are focused on coaching, which means a lot of Slack convos and calls with teams across the portfolio. He says that a big part of his job is guiding people to the right answers and helping to shape the solutions they’re looking to implement. Seeing the impact of individuals on our product teams is a highlight for Ricardo.

In his role, he spends a lot of time hiring and gets to see the impact individuals have on their teams and the products they’re working with. He says, “Everyone who’s working on these small teams, as they learn and improve, you can actually see the revenue go up as they change. And then you see them change as people — their salaries go up, and their life changes. For me, watching them grow is the best part of my job.”

Be cool, be kind, be easy to work with

For Ricardo, the best part of SureSwift is the people who work here. He believes that SureSwift’s values create an environment that attracts people who are “on the same wavelength,” which makes it easy to connect with people.

He says, “What I’m doing right now is something I would be doing anyway, so work doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s the connections with people here — they’re genuine, and not just work connections. It feels like these are life connections, and we’re all working together to build something.”

Why he loves working at SureSwift

As part of our remote product team, Ricardo says he loves the connections he makes with teammates around the globe.

Where you’ll find him after hours

Ricardo embraces the fully remote lifestyle and does a lot of traveling. He spends time cooking and trying out new foods in the cities he visits — he recently visited Barcelona and enjoyed all the dishes it had to offer. He also says video games are back in his life since he got a PS5 and an XBox.

P.S. — Ricardo’s team is hiring

If life at SureSwift sounds good to you, you should know that Ricardo looks at more than perfect experience on a resume. He says that he loves to see an entrepreneurial background — it tells him that he’s looking at someone with “a mind to go out and hustle, someone who’s looking for more.”

He also looks for some added skill or a unique background that will allow someone to bring a different perspective to their new role. And of course, he says he’s always looking for someone who’s cool, kind & easy to work with.

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