Petra joined SureSwift in 2020 as a Customer Happiness Specialist, and she’s now our Product Manager on both Cross Sell and new SureSwift acquisition Vitay. 🚀

The daily details

Petra is currently the Product Manager for two SureSwift products, Vitay and Cross Sell. That means she’s in charge of all the things that keep a product running and growing — guiding and organizing the team, solving problems as they come up, and keeping an eye on the big picture.

There’s no typical day at work for Petra, but according to her, “that’s a good thing about working at SureSwift. Who wants to do the same thing every day? It gets boring at some point. I like that every day is a little bit different and you don’t know what to expect from tomorrow.”

Right now, she often spends mornings checking in on both products she’s working on. From there, what needs her attention changes every day. Currently, that means a lot of time meeting with her team on Vitay as they manage the product’s transition to SureSwift.

Be Agile

Petra joined SureSwift in September 2020 as a part-time Customer Happiness Specialist with Cross Sell. Her skill and adaptability were obvious right away, and after just a couple weeks, she started to work on Back in Stock as well. Within a few months, she was working full time for SureSwift, splitting her time between the two products.

In July 2021, Petra took on the role of Product Manager for Cross Sell, while still working 20 hours a week supporting Back in Stock. She’s done an incredible job in that role, and when SureSwift acquired Vitay in March, we knew Petra was the perfect person to manage the new product. Today, she’s fully transitioned into a Product Manager role, taking on responsibility for both Vitay and Cross Sell.

Why Petra, a remote Product Manager, loves working at SureSwift.

Why she loves working at SureSwift

Petra has a lot of reasons that she loves her role at SureSwift, but she says the biggest one might be getting to be in contact with a lot of people from different countries. Beyond that, she appreciates that there’s no commute, and loves the work atmosphere, saying, “There are no gossips, there’s no negative work atmosphere that you would experience in a normal job”. (By the way– the trick to creating this positive work atmosphere? Hiring awesome people.)

The freedom remote work provides is also important to Petra. Talking about the reasons she loves SureSwift, she says, “The freedom, of course the freedom. I can work when I have time to work, I can do my things, I can go to the beach if it’s nice, and I can do my work later. It’s just perfect.” To sum it up, she says, “The people are great, the career opportunities are great… I can go on until midnight about what is great about SureSwift!”

Where you’ll find her after hours

Petra lives in Oeiras, Portugal, just west of Lisbon and right on the coast. When she’s not working, you can often find Petra outside, along with her dog. She lives close to the water, so she takes advantage of her flexible schedule and heads to the beach when the weather is nice.

Petra works as a remote Product Manager for SureSwift from Portugal.

Petra also likes cooking, and recently started nail art. She says she wasn’t great at it at first (“It takes practice. The first three months my nails looked bad, really bad, it looked like a five year old was playing with them.”) But in pretty typical Petra fashion, she stuck with it, and is now well on her way to mastering her new hobby. “It takes time, but now it’s good… I can go out in public with my nails!”

Petra is a perfect example of the incredible people that make up the SureSwift team, and of our core values. (And if you’re interested in joining that team, we’re always hiring!)

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