Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, parents, musicians, teachers, athletes, & artists around the globe, and although we’re a remote team, we embrace any chance we get to learn about our coworkers’ latest adventures/side gigs/celebrations (even if it’s through Zoom parties & Slack).

Jim is the VP of Technology at SureSwift and has been with the company since 2018. He oversees all product engineering, as well as assisting with IT, infrastructure, and security and compliance. Basically, his job is to help all of our teams do their jobs. 🤝


Jim works from his hometown of Indiana, PA (known as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World”!) about 60 miles outside of Pittsburgh. He loves that he gets to work in tech while staying close to his family and his roots.

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The daily details

For Jim, a typical day includes meeting with our product and tech teams to discuss strategy and how to best grow our portfolio of products. He also spends time hiring, looking at the latest tech trends, and supporting teams across SureSwift to help them succeed.

Be cool. Be kind. Be easy to work with.

One of our core values is ‘Be Cool. Be Kind. Be Easy to Work With.’ Jim’s teammates will tell you he has a calm and steady presence and is easy to talk to, no matter the subject. He’s thoughtful and listens to ideas from the team, all while being fair and honest.

Why he loves working at SureSwift

Company culture at SureSwift

For Jim, the best part of the job is the people. Even with a fully remote model, he gets to collaborate with the teams at SureSwift every day. His biggest challenge is organizing across multiple tech stacks and managing what’s going on across the SureSwift portfolio — but he says the challenge and energy of working with all those products is part of what he loves about his role. For Jim, it feels like working with 30 different startups every day, and the technical challenge is exciting.

Where you’ll find him after hours

Outside of his role at SureSwift, Jim is busy trying to keep up with his four-year-old! Their latest adventure together has been hiking.

P.S. — Jim’s team is hiring

As VP of Tech, Jim spends a good amount of time hiring for tech roles across the portfolio. To Jim, the most important skills a new hire can have are communication and collaboration. He says that for devs, being able to understand and explain how to solve problems is key. Another trait Jim looks for is honesty. He likes people who are willing to say “I don’t know,” and then want to go and find out the answer.

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