Shopify-based SaaS is one of our fastest growing business segments, and we’re thrilled to announce that Simple Purchase Orders is the newest member of our Shopify app portfolio. With Simple PO, Shopify store owners who work with dropshipping and wholesale suppliers can automate their purchase orders and inventory restocking.

Founder Alex Dicketts started the app as a side project in 2017 after researching opportunities on the Shopify platform and noticing that while it did a great job of connecting merchants and customers, features to help merchants work with suppliers were lacking. With the explosive growth of both Shopify and dropshipping over the last several years, connecting merchants and suppliers is a need we believe has a lot of future growth potential.

As part of our portfolio, Simple Purchase Orders customers can expect the same amazing service they’ve always had. While Alex is transitioning out of the business, we’ve assembled a great team to handle everything from updates to customer happiness.

Ricardo Hinds oversees our Shopify portfolio as our Director. Ricardo leads teams of developers, marketers, SEO specialists, and customer support to build and support features that drive revenue and reputation growth for SaaS products. He has the developer and marketing skills to step into their shoes, and he always pushes for excellence.

Day-to-day operations for Simple PO will be managed by Jide Williams, an experienced PM with a passion for customer success who joined SureSwift in 2020 and has already worked on other apps in our Shopify portfolio.

Please join us in congratulating Alex on his exit! To learn more about Simple Purchase Orders and Alex’s founding story, check out our interview. For Simple PO customers, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on your normal support channels.

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