We’re beyond excited to bring two additional Shopify apps, their related services, and the 37,000+ store owners they serve into our SaaS portfolio. Founded by Daniel Sim in 2011, Plug in Useful’s apps help Shopify merchants and developers work smarter. 

The Plug in Useful family of apps includes: 

  • Plug in SEO: Checks SEO with fixes and improvements to boost organic search traffic
  • Plug in Speed: Optimizes JavaScript, CSS and images to improve site speed
  • Plug in Services: Because some owners want extra help with speeding up their sites or improving SEO, both products have tightly integrated services offerings.

Daniel is a powerhouse of a founder, bootstrapping Plug in Useful to hundreds of  thousands of installs with no outside funding and a very small team. We already have big plans for what the next stage of growth looks like for these apps at SureSwift, and we’re enjoying the synergy and learning that’s happening with the Product Managers of our other Shopify apps, Storemapper and Back in Stock.