Our global, remote-first team is 80+ people and 14 time zones strong. While miles might separate us, our values unite us. We pride ourselves on being a calm company that puts people first — including our team, the Founders we buy businesses from, and the customers we serve. That means how you get the work done matters as much as the results. These are the values we look for in a great team member.

Be Agile:

We operate in an ever-changing ecosystem. We fully embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to better ourselves and our community.

Get Things Done:

There is never a shortage of high-value work to be done. We value people who can make decisions, default to action, prioritize and do the work to completion.

Be Independent:

Self-discipline and drive are the foundation of our remote-first culture. Teammates aren’t afraid to ask for help but don’t need permission to take high-level direction.

Be Accountable:

We can’t replace the expertise and passion of a portfolio company’s original Founders, but we strive to meet them on the same levels of commitment and care. Their business is our business, and we act accordingly.

Be a Great Communicator:

We communicate clearly to ensure our work gets completed efficiently. While clarity is key, listening is critical, so we listen just as much as we speak.

Be Cool. Be Kind. Be Easy To Work With:

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We treat people with respect and allow appropriate emotion to guide our collaborative culture.