Emily is the Director of Human Resources at Sureswift. Working within the People Department, she oversees all things hiring and human resources across our portfolio, and is always looking for ways to improve the team experience. She’s basically an HR superhero. 🦸‍♀️


Emily lives and works from western Maryland in the US. Between the lake and the mountains, she says it’s a perfect area to stay active with her husband and two black labs. While a lot of the community uses the area as a second home/vacation spot, Emily and her family love the year round outdoor activities — hiking and getting on the water in the summer, and then cross-country skiing once the snow flies.

Emily is SureSwift's remote Director of Human Resources

The daily details

A typical day usually involves bouncing between multiple projects as Emily sources candidates for open positions across the portfolio, develops new blueprints for teams as they grow, assists individual team members with any challenges, and collaborates with different teams to provide coaching and guidance. Outside of the day-to-day tasks that keep SureSwift running, she also spends time building the framework for the future of Sureswift HR, making sure that the team is ready to take on the new opportunities and challenges that come with growth.

SureSwift’s rapid growth is the most challenging part of Emily’s job, but she says it’s also exciting. Trying to support growth by getting the right people through the door and successfully guiding them through a remote onboarding process isn’t easy, but Emily also sees it as an area of opportunity. As a remote-first company, SureSwift has solved a lot of the difficulties that come with a virtual hiring process, but Emily says that there’s always room to fine-tune things and she sees that willingness to be introspective and update processes as one of SureSwift’s biggest strengths.

Be a great communicator

Emily says the best part of her job is getting to connect and interact with all the different teams. She’s passionate about building those relationships and changing perceptions about HR. She works hard to make sure everyone at SureSwift knows that HR is more than just hiring — she says, “We’re a true partner and resource, whether that’s to an individual team member, a VP, or manager. It’s really building that rapport and relationship, showing that we’re here as your support and advocate, rather than just someone behind the scenes.”

Why she loves working at SureSwift

For Emily, there are two highlights that set life at SureSwift apart — first, she gets to make different connections that she might not be able to in a typical corporate position, or even day-to-day life. Getting to meet and connect with someone across the globe, becoming coworkers and friends, and learning more about who they are and their culture is a unique opportunity. She says, “To me, that’s really, really powerful. The tapestry of people we have at SureSwift, and the ability to build connections with them — that enhances my professional enjoyment here, but is also personally something I really enjoy.”

Why Emily, our director of human resources at SureSwift, loves her remote job.

The second thing that Emily loves at SureSwift is the opportunity to help build a framework for HR at a relatively young company. She says, “Other companies can develop a “this is how we’ve always done things” mindset, but the environment here is really different and refreshing. I’m able to see something that needs to be improved or added, and actually put something in place that really impacts everybody, and hopefully is an improvement!”

Where you’ll find her after hours

Outside of her work at SureSwift, Emily keeps pretty busy. From hiking, swimming, boating, and skiing to yoga, she says you can pretty much always find her outdoors or doing something active. And when it’s time to wind down and disconnect after a day of Slack conversations or meetings, she loves to open a book and spend some quiet time reading.

P.S. — Emily is hiring

As Director of Human Resources at SureSwift, Emily has spent a lot of time perfecting the virtual hiring process. (Though she’ll tell you she’s still always looking for details to improve!) For anyone taking on a remote job search, she says the key is to be yourself. It can be difficult to really connect with someone over Zoom versus an in-person meeting, but finding a way to get beneath the surface and show who you are on a deeper level is key. At SureSwift, Emily makes sure candidates get the chance to do just that, using the SureSwift core values as a guide to find people who are going to be a great fit and truly thrive in SureSwift’s culture.

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