One of the key reasons we’ve been able to grow so quickly over the past 5+ years? Our amazing remote team of more than 80 people around the globe.

Divya is an SEO Project Manager for one of our Shopify apps, Plug in SEO. She’s also a tech enthusiast, an expert at all things SEO & blogging, and she’s always up for a new challenge.


Divya’s hometown is Dehradun, India, a small hill station that is located on the foothills of the Himalayas (and yes, it’s as beautiful as it sounds ?⛰️)

Divya is a remote SEO Project Manager at SureSwift Capital. She works from her hometown in India.

Be agile

One of our core values at SureSwift is “be agile,” and Divya is a great example of a team member who demonstrates that quality.

Over the course of just a few months, Divya became our in-house expert for completing SEO fix jobs for our customers. She was there when we needed her and was able to shift into that responsibility so quickly.

– Ricardo Hinds, General Manager for SureSwift’s Shopify apps

The daily details

Day to day, Divya leads client communication for Plug in SEO, helping customers with SEO projects, from researching their Shopify stores to providing them with strategies to increase their store’s visitors, traffic, and conversions.

Focusing on customer happiness

Since Divya joined our team just under a year ago, her main takeaway has been: “To provide the real service, we must exceed the client’s expectations by delivering something which cannot be measured in quantitative form. It only comes when we feel their problem deeply and help them.”

Where you’ll find her after hours

When she’s not taking care of Plug in SEO’s customers, you can find Divya spending time with her adorable daughters (they love dancing ?), reading Urdu poetry, or working on her passion project: a new blog called The site provides senior citizens with info to help navigate life better, with everything from jobs and technology to family and health.

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