An is a Senior Software Engineer working on LeadDyno. He joined SureSwift about a year ago to prepare for our acquisition of LeadDyno, and he’s become a vital part of the team. ????


An lives in Hue, Vietnam with his family. Hue is a small city close to everything — mountains, beaches, and a river are all just a short distance away. He says working from home allows him to be available for his family, and it leaves time that he “can save to enjoy life instead of commuting.”

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The daily details

An’s typical day starts with getting his kids ready and off to school, grabbing coffee, and then logging on to catch up on chat and email. Because his working hours are opposite his US teammates, he uses his mornings to communicate, prepare, and review. His afternoons are blocked for a few hours of deep work before logging off to pick up his kids from school. Depending on the day, he might have a late meeting around 9 or 10 p.m. — when his teammates in the U.S. are starting their morning. Figuring out a working schedule with teammates in such different time zones was a bit of a challenge at first, but An says that over time, they’ve figured out a schedule that works well for everyone.

Challenges and opportunities

An says he’s learned a lot in his time at SureSwift, especially from the LeadDyno team. He’s also learned from SureSwift’s processes — in previous positions, he’s worked for both a large corporate company where everything had to be done a specific way, and a very small company with no processes at all. Because of those experiences, he appreciates the more balanced work style at SureSwift.

For An, the most challenging part of his job has been getting LeadDyno ready to scale. He says LeadDyno is a complicated business, and getting some of the legacy features ready for expansion has been difficult. But he also thinks that keeps things interesting, saying “I feel like I can watch the product get a little better all the time. And that’s a great feeling.”

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Where you’ll find him after hours

An says he had tons of hobbies when he was younger, but now, his kids come first! Once in a while he gets together with friends for gaming nights (“like every programmer!”). He loves music, and will listen to anything with a good melody, but his favorite is rock. An also takes advantage of the river and beaches around his city, getting out to swim often.

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