Update: Founder Summit went remote as of early March when we had to cancel the in-person event due to COVID-19. We’ve got some really exciting stuff going on if you’re a bootstrapped founder who could use some community connection, check out this post for updates on Founder Summit Remote.

Running 30+ online and SaaS businesses, we know firsthand that founders are up to their eyeballs in strategic and tactical advice on building products and acquiring customers. There are enough blogs, books, articles and podcasts to fill every waking moment of the day with tips. But there are still some conversations we’re not having – the kind that can only be had with other founders in an open environment. That’s why we’re teaming up with the Calm Company Fund to host a PowerPoint and pitch free, founders-only event to kick off the new decade by having those conversations and forging new connections. 

From URL to IRL — fostering real founder conversations

Although we’re all in on remote work, we know it needs to be paired with opportunities to build connections, have spontaneous discussions, and form lasting friendships in real life, particularly with other founders going through similar challenges.

So, if you want to have an experience that will reinvigorate you for the whole year, have discussions that will affect you and your company’s trajectory over decades (not quarters), and make a new founder friend or two, Founder Summit is definitely for you.

Here’s a peek at some of the hands-on workshops we have lined up

Both SureSwift and the Calm Company Fund are built on questioning the status quo, so we wanted to create an event that won’t look anything like a traditional conference. 

Think of it as an incredible team retreat with 150 or so other founders — focused on interaction and curated experiences — with plenty of flexibility and breathing room to meet and chat about: 

Creative Process

A hands-on workshop presented by Tiago Forte (Building a Second Brain) and David Perell (North Star Podcast & Write of Passage) on building the tools and processes to be a better writer as an entrepreneur.

Emotional Resilience for Founders 

A tactical approach to staying calm and focused as a founder + an emotional resilience stack to preventing burnout and dealing with the human challenges of being a founder. Presented by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (Ness Labs, Maker Mag) and Jonny Miller (Curious Humans, Maptia, Studio D)

The State of Indie Hackers [Live Podcast]

We’ll be turning the tables on Courtland Allen, founder of Indie Hackers, and interviewing him on the state of Indie Hackers, trends he’s seeing in successful early-stage entrepreneurs, and the biggest challenges facing makers and bootstrappers these days.

Harnessing The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster To Scale

Dan Martell shares his experience as a founder and executive coach to high growth SaaS founders. He’s also the driving force behind SaaS Academy, helping SaaS Founders “build a bigger business and a bigger life!”

Check out the full agenda for more info on what to expect.

We’ll be having fun along the way, too 

We believe that the best medium for meaningful conversations and building long-lasting relationships is fun. And we intend to deliver on that belief. Venues, experiences, food, culture… we’ll do our best! You can expect to have plenty of time to connect with fellow founders in both small group sessions, and adventurous outings.

Our goal with this event is for everyone to come away with a new level of energy for running their businesses for the next decade, not just the next quarter, and a few new friends who really understand the mindset and day-to-day challenges a founder faces. 

The event is invite only, but we have a few spots left, including some for underrepresented founders. If you’d like to attend, start your registration today and we hope to see you in Mexico City in a few weeks!