Our purpose at SureSwift has always been to create a higher quality of life for our team, founders who sell to us, and our investors. Last year we extended our mission to include being a generous member of the broader global community of entrepreneurs as well.

As a global, remote-first team — we have folks in 26+ countries and as a group we speak more than 22 languages — so when we set up our charitable giving program for SureSwift last year, it was really important that it reflected our global/local focus.

This year, we’re renewing our $10,000 contributions to both Kiva and Technovation. We’ve always focused on organizations who support individuals and groups to help themselves through skills, education and entrepreneurship.

We knew we wanted to add a third organization to our list this year, so we asked our team to think about the charities they were keen to support and that had meaning for them. We heard about those that support local disadvantaged communities right through to global impact organizations.

Ultimately, the team voted to add Amnesty International as our additional charity for 2021, and we’ll be donating $10,000 to them for a total of $30,000 in giving for the year.

Beyond our company giving, we also added a matching program this year that lets our team members double a donation up to $250, whether it’s for a local fundraiser they’re participating in, or another global impact organization they’re personally passionate about.

In my role as VP of People, growing our mission and our impact is the best part of growth at SureSwift, and I love that with every SaaS product we acquire and every team member we add, our opportunities to do more good in the world also grow.